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  • Shared Preferences in android applications
    Here you will learn how to save data in the device via your android application using "Shared Preferences" which offers fast retrieval and is easy to program. Most of the applications that save some of the user data stores some data in "Shared Preferences", e.g. Facebook might be using it for saving the user login data e.g. password and email; some map based service might save ...
    Ravi Rawal  · 4 days ago  · 38
  • Parsing JSON data into android applications
    Parsing JSON data into android application is the mechanism of receiving JSON data and from a sever's API and then displaying that data into your android application's UI. Read on to know more about it.
    Ravi Rawal  · 5 days ago  · 35
  • How to use Channels for selection in Photoshop CC 2015
    This blog will apply to those folks who use Photoshop for design. I will focus on the use of channels to make a perfect selection out of a very complex image. In this blog I will also show you how to apply solid color adjustment layers to make an image really stand out from its original form.
    Atul Ahuja  · 8 days ago  · 157
  • Integrating Facebook Login in Android
    In this blog post you will be getting a brief knowledge about how to integrate facebook services into your application.
    Ravi Rawal  · 8 days ago  · 112
  • Reading and Writing to a file in android
    Here you will be given an introduction on how to read and write to a file saved in internal storage of your phone.
    Ravi Rawal  · 8 days ago  · 56
  • 10 new features in Visual Studio 2015
    Read on to find which new features have been added in Visual Studio 2015
    Yukti Arora  · 8 days ago  · 360
  • Creating custom toast messages in android.
    Toast message is a way to provide some information to the user that stays on the screen for a couple of seconds. Here, we will be working on how to beautify that message so that it goes with the theme of your application and the layout matches the type of message that is going to be displayed. Read on to know more about how to create custom toast messages in android applications.
    Ravi Rawal  · 8 days ago  · 77
  • Bind data from a listview from a String array
    In this blog, we will create a string array in our file "strings.xml" and then bind it to the listview and display some information in another string array based on that click.
    Ravi Rawal  · 9 days ago  · 55
  • How to backup a database using SQL Server Management Studio
    Learn how to backup a database using SQL Server Management Studio in 15 easy steps
    Yukti Arora  · 9 days ago  · 56
  • Top 5 new features in Adobe Photoshop CC 2015
    Adobe has been keeping busy for a few months now working on the new features for Photoshop CC 2015. And finally they released a new version recently. The engineers worked on the new artboards, improvements to Layer Styles, Real time healing, the new Dehaze adjustment, and a lot more! Here is a rundown of Top 5 new features in Photoshop CC 2015
    Atul Ahuja  · 9 days ago  · 279
  • How to detect service tag of your Dell laptop
    Open Command Prompt Window in your computer with "Run as Admin". On the Command Prompt window, type: wmic bios get serialnumber. Hit enter. Service Tag would be displayed.
    Raghav Khunger  · 12 days ago  · 60
  • SVC 404 error
    While working with .SVC files in my applications I was getting the 404 error: HTTP Error 404.0 - Not Found The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable. Here is the solution which I followed to fix the above issue: asdasdasd Under Control Panel–> Programs and Features –> Turn Windows Features ON/Off &nd...
    Raghav Khunger  · 20 days ago  · 172
  • C# Credit Card Validation Class
    Here a quick hitter for you - this little piece of code allows you to validate a credit card (in C#) before submitting for processing. This should work with Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. I'm not really sure where this came from...or if I even wrote this. I can't remember. But I hope it helps you in your everyday programming.
    Atul Ahuja  · 23 days ago  · 233
  • C# Parse Meta Tags
    You may come across an instance in your C# and ASP.NET programming where you need to download an external webpage and parse the meta tags... specifically, the "Title," "Meta Description," and "Meta Keywords." Here is a method that will show you how to:
    Atul Ahuja  · 23 days ago  · 165
  • C# RSS Feed Generator
    C# RSS FEED GENERATOR - This is a snippet of code that you can simply paste into your own code to generate a C# RSS
    Atul Ahuja  · 23 days ago  · 181
  • SQL Server: Delete constraints without knowing its name in a column
    Below is the script to do the same: DECLARE @table_name NVARCHAR(256) DECLARE @col_name NVARCHAR(256) DECLARE @Command NVARCHAR(1000) SET @table_name = N'YourTableName' SET @col_name = N'YourColumnName' SELECT @Command = 'ALTER TABLE ' + @table_name + ' drop constraint '
    Raghav Khunger  · 24 days ago  · 207
  • Get country from IP
    Below is the simple script to get country from IP: $.get("http://ipinfo.io/"+ip, function (response) { //response.country); //response.region); }, "jsonp"); Here is how you can use it: Html: <table class="table"> <tr> <th>IP</th> <th>Country</
    Raghav Khunger  · 24 days ago  · 181
  • While working with a json file today I got the following error from server: HTTP Error 404.3 - Not Found The page you are requesting cannot be served because of the extension configuration. If the page is a script, add a handler. If the file should be downloaded, add a MIME map. The solution was to add the mime type in the web,.config like this: &a
    Raghav Khunger  · 24 days ago  · 193
  • How to remove SSL bindings in IIS
    Vivek Thakur  · 3/7/2015  · 778
  • Few days back, have to keep log of the transaction table's data date wise in excel, to automate this I choose to use BCP command for this.
    Shipra Gupta  · 10/9/2014  · 797
  • Configure IIS 7 to overcome error 500.21
    Vivek .  · 10/9/2014  · 815
  • Install IIS on windows7
    Guide to set up IIS on your system either through Web PI or manually.
    Vivek .  · 10/4/2014  · 691
  • Solve virtual directory problem in simple steps
    Vivek .  · 9/22/2014  · 902
  • GitExtensions menu not loading in Visual Studio on VMWare Windows on MacOSX
    Vivek Thakur  · 6/26/2014  · 2042
  • I had to redirect one particular page to different destination for an application. I wanted to do this via web.config only. This is what I did: <location path="default.aspx"> <system.webServer> <httpRedirect enabled="true" destination="aboutus" httpResponseStatus="Permanent"
    Raghav Khunger  · 3/24/2014  · 3019

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