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  • Below is the code which can help you to copy all the folders and files of a directory to a backup folder inside it. Let's create a helper class to do the same: #region Using Directives using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.IO; using System.Linq; #endregion public static class FileHelper { public static void BackupDirector
    Raghav Khunger  · 10/30/2013  · 0  · 5202
    c# directory-info
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  • Today I was in a need where I had to get stack trace inside a method. I was not throwing any exception in that method an therefore I was not having any exception object from where I could get the stack trace so I used the following method which will give the stack trace in string: public static string StackTraceToString() { var sb = new StringBuild
    Raghav Khunger  · 10/17/2013  · 0  · 1591
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  • SQL: Search stored procedures by names
    While working with our application I wanted to list all the stored procedures having some particular text. I decided to share the query which I used to do that: SELECT * FROM sys.procedures WHERE name LIKE '%message%' After running the above query on msdb I got the following output:
    Raghav Khunger  · 10/8/2013  · 0  · 1646
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