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How to use GitHub with Visual Studio | CodeAsp.Net

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Hello Vivek,
I found this post very helpful indeed. Thank you for that. I however have a question. Following this post I was able to create repo and was able to push them there. Everything was good.
Then I created one more repo, initialized it as mentioned in steps 8 and 9. Then I tried to set the remotes as mentioned in step 10. I tried using the private key file that I used for first repo, it failed and said "Unable to open connection: Host does not exist". I created another private and public key as mentioned in step 6 but it failed again with same message. What am I doing wrong? Could you please help. Thanks in advance.
It a very trivial mistake I was making. I was trying to push the new local repo using HTTPS url instead of SSH url. I used SSH url and everything is cool now.
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