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Client Side Web Development

Client side programming topics and discussions, including HTML, XHTML, CSS, DHTML, JavaScript

Threads: 143   ·   Last Post: Re: ASP.net dynamic theme by Anna Harris on 5/6/2013

Getting Started / General ASP.NET

A forum for beginners to get the answers and advice you need to get started.

Threads: 234   ·   Last Post: Which is peakest numerical theory of ligostical Term HXPQZ-999 ? by James Lirick on 2 days ago

Web Forms / Data Controls

Discussions about creating and using ASP.NET web pages, server controls, validation, etc.

Threads: 144   ·   Last Post: Putting image into boundfield of gridview through code not in html through server controls? by Robert Wright on 10/8/2014

Data Access

Discussions related to data access, databases, MS SQL Server, XML, Web Services, Active Directory, LDAP, Dynamic data, LINQ, etc.

Threads: 112   ·   Last Post: Re: Checking data from multiple columns at once by Anna Harris on 6/4/2013

Visual Studio

Discussions related to any and all versions of Visual Studio and the Integrated Development Environment.

Threads: 17   ·   Last Post: Re: How to access website (published version) in other PC? by Anna Harris on 5/29/2013


All about ASP.NET Architecture, Software design, design patterns, and best practices

Threads: 19   ·   Last Post: Re: Multiple Ways to Build a Multi-tenant SaaS Application by Anna Harris on 6/4/2013


Discussions related to authentication, membership, roles, authorization, login controls, membership providers, etc.

Threads: 19   ·   Last Post: Re: How to set membership provider connectionstring at run-time by Anna Harris on 6/4/2013


All about ASP.NET AJAX, the AJAX Control Toolkit, and integrating and using it within your applications

Threads: 28   ·   Last Post: Re: Looking for a Back-End Programmer/Template for ASP.NET by Anna Harris on 5/24/2013

Advanced topics

Discussions for advanced ASP.NET topics like HttpHandlers, Custom Controls, GDI, Mobile, Localization, Crystal Reports, Enterprise services, etc.

Threads: 34   ·   Last Post: Re: Code runs locally but not on a server by bikash karmakar on 6/21/2013

Suggestions / Feedback

Have an idea you would like to see added to CodeASP.Net? Want to give us some feedback? Post here.

Threads: 143   ·   Last Post: Moderation by Vincent Maverick Durano on 1/8/2015

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions and answers about ASP.NET

Threads: 11   ·   Last Post: Re: What are the different methods available for url rewritting for asp.net website? by Tim Cadieux on 7/26/2012

Web Forms

Web Forms

Threads: 28   ·   Last Post: E.command -problem with previous working command by Muneer Muneer on 12/22/2012

Managing State

Managing ASP.NET state - ViewState, Application, Session, etc

Threads: 4   ·   Last Post: Re: Alternative of Session in Asp.net? by Raghav Khunger on 11/1/2012

AJAX Library and Extensions

AJAX Library and Extensions related queries and posts

Threads: 1   ·   Last Post: ReReReAsp.net by Vincent Maverick Durano on 8/25/2011

Membership API

Membership Provider API based questions should be posted here

Threads: 0   ·   Last Post: There are no posts in this forum.

AD/Windows Authentication

Windows Authentication based questions should be posted here

Threads: 1   ·   Last Post: How to encrypt exe file of windows application? by pallavi karpe on 5/3/2011

Test Forums

This is an internal testing forum for the CodeASP.NET development team. Postings will be periodically deleted.

Threads: 17   ·   Last Post: Re: Test post by Raghav Khunger on 3/4/2013

Press releases

For businesses and companies to post their latest press releases. Only legitimate Press releases will be accepted. Please do not spam.

Threads: 3   ·   Last Post: ResellerChoice Releases New Windows Cloud Hosting Servers At Competitive Prices - www.resellerchoice.com by user756590 on 5/1/2011

Open forum

This is an un-moderated forum for discussing anything related to ASP.NET

Threads: 53   ·   Last Post: What is the level of C7O11N2H12 in the athosphere of the Earth ? by James Lirick on 16 days ago

News and Updates

Upcoming events, updates and general news regarding the CodeASP.NET community

Threads: 1   ·   Last Post: Re: ActivePivot Live - Tablet by apple itunes on 4/18/2012

Jobs / Projects

Employers, use this forum to post your job openings and projects. Only legitimate jobs and projects will be accepted. Please do not spam.

Threads: 8   ·   Last Post: How add .aspx pages to .asp project by vamsidhar janjanam on 7/10/2014

Book reviews

A forum to post and discuss your favorite ASP.NET books, whitepapers, reports, guides, etc.

Threads: 1   ·   Last Post: Window mobile application book by Ketan Chavda on 10/8/2009

ASP.NET Web Hosting

Discussiong about ASP.NET web hosting, how-to's, recommendations, testimonials, experiences, etc.

Threads: 6   ·   Last Post: Re: How to Publish/Host a ASP.NET web application in Windows 7 with SQ: Server 2005 DB by Vincent Maverick Durano on 8/3/2012


The latest and greatest news and updates from CodeASP.Net.

Threads: 3   ·   Last Post: New forums for MVC and WebMatrix by Hajan Selmani on 8/9/2011

3rd party controls

Discuss your favorite ASP.NET controls and components

Threads: 5   ·   Last Post: Re:Transaction Failed: Vault check in by Raghav Khunger on 1/22/2011