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Name: Vincent Maverick Durano
Rank: Professional Professional

Work information

Email address: vmsdurano@gmail.com
Occupation: Technical Lead
About me: Microsoft MVP, DZone MVB, Technical Lead, Blogger, Speaker, Author

Community info

Member since: 4/15/2009
  • Moderator
  • Member
  • MVP
Total points: 9103

Personal information

Name: Mr. Vincent Maverick Durano
Twitter URL: https://twitter.com/vmsdurano
Linkedin URL: http://ph.linkedin.com/in/vmsdurano
Sex: Male
Interests: ASP.NET, Beer, BasketBall, Motorbikes, Music and Guitar
Favorite Music: Alternative, Reggae, Rock!
Favorite TV Shows: Legend of the Seeker, CHUCK.
Signature: Vincent Maverick Durano, MVP