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ASTreeView - a full featured treeview control

ASTreeView - a full featured treeview control

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After a long time development, the ASTreeView is finally finished. Now I would like to introduce it to you.

ASTreeView is a powerful treeview with drag drop, ajax loading, context menu, xml import/export, checkbox, selection, add/editing/deleting nodes with ajax.

ASTreeView is developed on .NET framework 2.0. Demo project is a Visual Studio 2005 project.

ASTreeView is FREE! That means you can use it anywhere!

I do hope you like it!

online demo: http://www.geekees.com/astreeviewdemo/astreeviewdemo1.aspx

You can get it from http://code.google.com/p/astreeview/

For more detailed introduction, i wrote a weblog:http://www.jinweijie.com/archive/2009/08/27/astreeview_1_0_released.aspx

Any question, please leave a comment or drop me a line at: seiecnu(at)gmail.com

Your feedback is highly appreciated!

Here are some screeshots from ASTreeView:


drag & drop:


tree lines:



node icons:

three-state checkbox:

contextmenu add/edit/delete

sever-side events

ajax loading nodes

muilti-type of nodes

dropdown tree(looks like dropdownlist, support multi/single selection):

move nodes between trees:



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