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Scheduler 2.2: Support for Touch Screens and More

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DHTMLX Scheduler .NET 2.2 Released! It has got some long-awaited features and improvements.
Now the web control is fully optimized for touch screens running iOS, Android and Windows 8. Namely, tablets, touch screen monitors and the latest smartphones (iPhone, Android, Symbian, BlackBerry, etc).
touch screen scheduling
In addition, the updated Scheduler .NET offers the "Quick info" extension. It provides more finger-friendly design that is especially evident in the 'terrace' skin. The use of the event calendar on touch devices is considerably simplified thanks to the convenient edit form with easy-to-target buttons "Details" and "Delete". Besides, you can add custom buttons to your calendar, if needed. For example, if you create a booking calendar, add "Book" or "Reserve" buttons.
Instuctions on adding touch support to your calendar are provided.
Other updates include API improvements that added new generic classes for Scheduler .NET.

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