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Convert C# code to VB.NET

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Every one does search on google for code. At times we end up finding the code we were looking for but in some other languages such as VB.net, C++ etc. Now, that we have found the code but we want that code to be in some other language for ex C#.

Someone who works in C# might not know about the syntax of VB.NET. So how to convert the code into the required language?

As we all know that .Net framework finally converts the code whether it is written in C# or VB.Net  into MSIL(Microsoft Intermediate Language).

There are many code converter tools are available online for free where we can convert  code from one langauge to another language.

Below are some of the links where we can convert the code.



While converting .NET code from one language to another using automated processes ( like above two tools), there can be some mistakes which need to be manually corrected. So it is important to review the converted code as the conversion process is not 100% accurate.

That's all about conversion of code from one language to another language.

Do let me know your valuable feedback or comments.


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Good one!! these links are very helful, when we have some solution in non-desired laguage and convert into our known language.
Since u are expert in using in google ...Can you please let me know how to convert PHP code to c# or vb.net  !!! Please let me know or write a blog abt that too  :P!!!Thanks

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