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Macedonian Code Camp 2010 event has finished successfully | CodeAsp.Net

Macedonian Code Camp 2010 event has finished successfully

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Thanks to all attendees, contributors/sponsors, speakers and the organization board, the event ‘Macedonian Code Camp 2010’ held on Saturday, 6th of November in Skopje (Republic of Macedonia) has finished successfully.


Here are some facts/numbers related to the conference:

  • 500 attendees 
  • 200 streaming sessions 
  • 70 prizes
  • 10h recorder presentation materials  
  • 1500 photographies
  • 3h video recorded material from the event 
  • 300 litres juice and water for refreshment 
  • 600 coffees 
  • 600 teas 
  • 400 chocolates 
  • 60kg fornetties 
  • 22 members in the organization board

Although evaluations aren’t officially finished, we’ve received great feedback by all attendees and this was the largest conference organized from Community for Community in our country.

I would like to say thanks once again to:

Event Contributors/Sponsors

- Microsoft and INETA as a Platinum Sponsors

- Redgate, FON and Telerik as a Gold Contributors

- Pluralsight and JetBrains as a Silver Contributors

- O’REILLY, ComponentOne and CodeSmith Tools as a Bronze Contributors

This event wouldn’t have attached to it such big achievement without our sponsors/contributors. Attendees were very happy with the prizes and everything what our contributors did.


More than 750 registered in the online registration form, about 500 and more came in the conference. Since we’ve had two parallel tracks, there has been place for everyone.

Thanks to the such a great number of attendees and the shown interest, we have spread the ‘.NET spirit’ all around our country.


Organization board and Speakers

Thanks for giving me chance to make my first speaking engagement on such a great event! I was happy to get slot for speaking in this conference and have use it!

Special thanks to the all 22 members from the organization board for making great effort to make this event as better as possible.

Big thanks to all the speakers for the sessions they have prepared to make this event exceed the expected limits.


Once again, I would like to mention that my presentation was related to jQuery and ASP.NET Development with title “Using jQuery to enhance the appearance and usability of an ASP.NET Web Application”.

In order to give you what exactly I was speaking about, here is my presentation agenda:

  • jQuery Overview
  • Coding jQuery
  • Ajax Development
  • jQuery Extensions
    • –UI
    • –Plug-ins
  • Templates
  • {Surprise}

I was speaking strictly related to jQuery and ASP.NET showing client-side and server-side code samples, especially have had great presentation about jQuery Templates, attendees liked that a lot.

All the presentations, examples, demos and other materials should be available in the MK Code Camp website soon.

Hope to see another such great event very soon.

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Code Camp 2010 has finished successfully!

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