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jQuery team working on jQuery UI Grid

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About two months ago, the jQuery team have started working on the jQuery UI Grid plugin. This will be a great addition to the jQuery UI, something that was missing.

About 1 week ago, the first stage of the jQuery UI Grid development has been completed.

HERE you have available demo of the grid markup.

The team working on this plugin consists of known names in the jQuery world, and there is also Boris Moore (Microsoft).

JQuery UI Grid Team

  • Project Manager: Richard D. Worth
  • Technical Lead: Jörn Zaefferer
  • Scott González
  • Adam Sontag (Bocoup)
  • Boris Moore (Microsoft)
  • Chris Bannon (Wijmo)
  • John Ayers (Wijmo)
  • Kin Blas (Adobe)

You can read more and watch the current progress on the following page: http://wiki.jqueryui.com/w/page/34246941/Grid

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