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Client-side scripting : Developer tools

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In this blog, I will share few useful developer tools for client side scripting . I believe any little help is very helpful in programming .

Here is the list of developer tools:

  1. JSFIDDLE : Great tool to test JS/JQuery/YUI etc , this is online tool which mean you don’t need to open VS or need VS in your system to test / make code snippet . JSFIDDLE have tons of option's and support almost all the scripts.
  2. The JSON Validator: JSONlint is also another useful tool. It is used to validate json string .
  3. JSbeautifier:  JSbeautifier will reformat ugly, unreadable JavaScript, unpack scripts.

*Please leave your valuable comments and if you are using any other tools which you want to share please leave comment I will edit and include it.

Many thanks!

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