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10 new features in Visual Studio 2015

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1. Visual Studio 2015 Color Theme Editor

Visual Studio 2015 comes with a color theme editor which gives you the power to customize the color palette of the IDE. You can choose from any of the pre-built themes or start building your own theme and even share with your friends!

2. Removal of many build-related files into the ".vs" folder

The need to store project related information in .vs folder to avoid polluting the root is addressed in VS 2015 by moving many of the temporary caches and build related files out of the root of the solution directory and into a root level ‘.vs’ folder. This simplifies source code control and reduces files system clutter.

3. Debug Lambdas

You can finally debug lambdas. This is one of the coolest feature of Visual Studio 2015 and brings a lot of productivity during debugging. Lambda expression is often used in code, mostly when we write LINQ statements. Before Visual Studio 2015, there was no direct and easy way, where we could debug, or inspect any lambda expressions. Visual Studio 2015 supports debugging and running lambda expressions in Watch Windows, Immediate Window and in DataTips as well.

4. Customizable setup that is lighter and faster

One of the top voted requests was to make Visual Studio installer more customizable. Setup for Visual Studio 2015 puts you in control of what gets installed, enabling the installation to be smaller and faster. It also has an expanded suite of components installed with Visual Studio to include multi-device development platforms and solutions across C#/.NET (Xamarin), HTML/JavaScript (Apache Cordova), and C++.
During setup, you will see options to pick from various components to install with Visual Studio. Depending on what you choose, you can potentially reduce the size of a default install by 50%, compared to previous releases.

5. Custom Windows Layouts

You can quickly switch between devices by going to Window > Apply Window Layout and selecting one that you created earlier. They also have support for keyboard shortcuts so that you can quickly navigate to your favorite layout and the profile roams with you as long as you are signed into Visual Studio 2015. This feature comes in handy if you develop on multiple devices.

6. Using Shared Project across multiple applications

Shared Project is a great way of sharing common code across multiple applications. This was introduced with the Shared Project type in Visual Studio 2013 as part of Windows 8.1 Universal App Development. But with Visual Studio 2015, it is a Standalone New Project Template; and we can use it with other types of apps like Console, Desktop, Phone, Store App etc. This type of project is extremely helpful for sharing common code, logic as well as components across multiple applications within single platform. This also allow to access the platform specific API’s, assets etc.

7. PerfTips - Easy way to get performance information during debugging

It had been always a pain for developers to find out execution time, performance issues for different code blocks. We can calculate the code execution time using stopwatch, or other logging mechanism. However, they are time consuming and sometimes do not add value to check for a single method or smaller code segments. Visual Studio 2015 makes our life easier. Getting the performance information is now on your finger tips and you can inspect this information during debugging itself.

8. Write unit tests automatically using IntelliTest in Visual Studio 2015

Visual Studio 2015 allows you to write automatic unit tests using “IntelliTest”.
This can be done by simply right clicking a method and selecting "Run IntelliTest" from the context menu. Once you select “Run IntelliTest”, Visual Studio performs certain steps to analyze and generate unit test for us. As soon as the processing is done, Visual Studio will launch an another new windows called “IntelliTest Exploration Results”, that generates set of all possible unit tests based on the method parameters and which can cover the maximum of code path of the given code block. These generated test covers all possible combination of parameter values; including boundary conditions.

9. Touch in the editor

Visual Studio now lets you pinch-zoom, scroll, and select, all with a touch of your finger inside the editor.

10. Fix issues quickly with "light bulbs"

Light bulbs replaced smart tags and help you identify and fix common coding issues. This is "live" as you type your code and take quick actions like refactoring and implementing interfaces from right inside the editor.

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