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XBox 360 vs Sony PlayStation 3: Which one should you buy? | CodeAsp.Net

XBox 360 vs Sony PlayStation 3: Which one should you buy?

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XBox 360 vs Sony PlayStation 3: Which one should you buy?

Having hands-on gaming experience on both Microsoft XBox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3, I would recommend PlayStation 3 for new buyers. Why? Here are my arguments:

1. HDD Space issue: XBox 360 will NOT let you use any external USB hard drive with more than 16 GB space. For example, if you want to add more space to save games/demos etc in your Xbox, and if you plug an external USB hard drive of, lets say, 500 GB capacity, XBox will only recognize 16 GB of it. Rest will lie un-used.  To get more space, you need to buy Microsoft XBox drives, which only work with XBox. Whereas Sony PS3 lets you use any external hard drive without such restrictions.  

2. No free online access in XBox: If you like to play games online on XBox, then you will have to buy XBox Gold membership. You cannot play any game online even if the games are P2P (peer-to-peer) and do not need dedicated hosting servers. In PS3, online access is free!

3. PS3 comes with a blue-ray drive which not only plays DVDs but Blu-ray discs too.

4. Controller: PS3 controller have motion sensing (6-axis), that means you can move your controllers to do actions like turn the steering wheel of your car. XBox controllers do not have this.

5. Support: XBox 360 support is PATHETIC. For many small issues, they would not entertain emails, and ask you to call them. And I am talking about issues which can be easily handled by email alone. PS3 support is much better.

I would recommend Sony Play Station 3 over XBox unless Microsoft works on these core issues.

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