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Developer's Nightmare

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I was reading about LINQ and though it is a really nice technology but there is one big problem which has been cropping up in my mind since quiet some time:

New technologies are coming at a much faster rate than developers can absorb.

LINQ, DLINQ, Windows Communication Foundation, SOA (though this is related to Arch)...

Developers today even face problems writing efficient code in ASP.NET 1.1, forget about framework 3.0. And if things keep coming up, no one would know what to do next...learning curve is not that easy for all these technologies and people often end up using the technology in a wrong way.

.NET 2.0 framework is still maturing and there are news of version 3.0 being released later this year. Though 3.0 is just a wrapper around 2.0, problem is that words like WCF, indigo etc make developers feel like they are left behind unless they do projects using these technologies. I strongly feel that all these new technologies will add to confusion more than really help. Who would take time out and learn these new technologies well enough to know the pros and cons in order to use them effectively? And even if someone does, by the time he or she is over, 10 new technologies would have replaced them.

Things need time to mature ..this is all I can say..

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