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What is Paged DataSource?

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PagedDataSource is a class which encapsulates the paging related properties which is required to perform paging in data bound control like Repeater/DataList. PagedDataSource class comes under System.Web.UI.WebControls namespace.
PagedDataSource contains following common properties:

PageSize: It Defines number of records shown on the page. it’s default value is 10.
AllowPaging: Indicating whether paging is enabled for data bound control or not. Its default value is “false”.
CurrentPageIndex: It set the index of the current page. It’s default value is 0;
PageCount : Gets the total number of pages necessary to display all items of DataSource.
IsFirstPage: Indicating current page is firstpage or not return true if it is firstpage else return false.
IsLastPage: Indicating current page is lastPage or not return true if it is lastPage else return false.
VirtualCount: Get or set the virtual item of the DataSource when custom paging is enabled.

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