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Free Books Libary from Packtpub

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I want to let you know about a great opportunity that enables you to improve your skills and learn about the latest developments in the IT industry.
PacktLib, Packt’s online digital library, is now free for Indian residents, professionals and students outside of office hours. Between 8pm and 8am during weekdays and throughout the weekends, PacktPub account holders will have unrestricted access to PacktLib, a valuable resource consisting of more than 660 books on specialist information relating to computer software, programmes and applications. Visitors will also be able to read unlimited articles on the Packt Publishing website once they have an account.
Account holders will then be able to search through PacktLib to enrich their knowledge by browsing through an extensive range of books on numerous topics, such as Content Management Systems, e-Learning, Drupal and many more as well as information on Enterprise products, such as Oracle and IBM. There is a large database of material relating to IT programmes and software that can benefit readers in their professional life by developing skills and capabilities. 

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