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SSO: Request.IsAuthenticated turning out to false in subdomain | CodeAsp.Net

SSO: Request.IsAuthenticated turning out to false in subdomain

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While working with SSO today I was facing one issue where Request.IsAuthenticate  was turning out to false always despite of the fact I was creating FormAuthentication cookie. I was having two sites parentsite.com and child.parentsite.com. The sub domain was facing this issue. I noticed  this issue was occuring because the same FormAuthentication cooki names i.e the default .ASPXAUTH one.


Change the form authentication cookie name and try to have unique form authentication cookie names for each domain.

    <authentication mode="Forms">
        <forms loginUrl="login.aspx" 
               domain="sub.parentsite.com" />

After doing this I was able to fix my issue.

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 Hi Vinz,You have really nice articles/blogs, and in order to stop search engines from degrading your blogs on other site, I suggest that you post the exact same content on both sites, and reference a link at the end. Like you can post it on CodeAsp.Net site, then copy paste the same content on other site. At the end of your blog post on other sites, just add a link to the codeasp.net site. You can do vice versa too.Also, this step would avoid users getting frustrated, because seeing an "incomplete" blog entry, with an additional link to click should be avoided.Keep up the good work! 
Thanks Raghav. I have now updated this blog post.

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