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Speaking at Macedonian Code Camp 2010

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Hello everyone,

At November 6th, 2010 - the local Macedonian .NET User Group organizes ‘Macedonian CodeCamp 2010’ event where I will speak on the yellow (thematic) track covering the UI (User Interface) layer. Since I'm on the UI, my presentation title is "Using jQuery to Enhance the Appearance and Usability of an ASP.NET Web Application" where I will first make an introduction to jQuery for ASP.NET Developers explaining the main jQuery concepts and how it works great with the powerful ASP.NET Framework, then will go on with jQuery Plugins and jQuery UI project - how to implement these within an ASP.NET web application showing real interaction between jQuery client-side code with ASP.NET server-side code and at the end will introduce the jQuery Templating in ASP.NET with mentioning the templating engines, then talking about the Microsoft's direct contribution to the jQuery Templating project, how to create templates and what are the benefits of creating jQuery Templates in an ASP.NET web application.
There might be more things to add since I'm in the middle of presentation preparations.

The official sites of our community and the event:

Macedonian .NET Community
Macedonian CodeCamp 2010 Event

(Speakers | Sessions | Agenda)

As always, such events wouldn’t be possible without contributors such as:
Microsoft, Ineta, Telerik, Pluralsight, JetBrains, O’REILLY, ComponentOne, CodeSmith.

The event will be held at the FON University.

If you have any ideas that you might think it will be good to include into my presentation, feel free to post your thoughts. However, the ideas must be within the ranges of ASP.NET and jQuery, of course ;)

If there is anything new, I will edit the blog post, stay tuned!


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