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How to add xUnit plugin to TeamCity | CodeAsp.Net

How to add xUnit plugin to TeamCity

How to add xUnit plugin to TeamCity

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By default the TeamCity comes with NUnit plugin. But if you have the Unit Test project built with xUnit framework you will have to install xUnit plugin for TeamCity.

In the runner type while adding steps there will not be any xUnit option by default.


Let's follow the steps for installing the the xUnit plugin.

  1. Go to  xUnit TeamCity plugin Github repository
  2. Click the download link for the latest release

  3. Click the xUnit.zip to download the plugin we need

    Zip will be downloaded in the "Downloads" folder

  4. Go to "Administration" panel in your teamcity website (admin/admin.html) and click "Plugin List" option on the left hand side under "Server Administration" section.

  5. Click the "Upload plugin zip" button and upload the zip we downloaded earlier.

  6. Click the "Enable uploaded plugins" button to enable the plugin.

  7. Click the "Enable" button presented in the modal

After following the above steps you will notice that the xUnit plugin will be enabled.

You will be able to see th xUnit type in the Runner type while using it in the Build Steps of your configuration.

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