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Access Hosts machine IIS website from Ubuntu Virtual machine | CodeAsp.Net

Access Hosts machine IIS website from Ubuntu Virtual machine

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  • Windows Host, yoursite.com running on IIS on this machine.
  • Ubuntu Virtual machine machine running under that hosts.


To access yoursite.com hosted on IIS on hosts machien from with in Ubuntu virtual machine.

Go to hosts machine (Windows) 

Navigation to Settings >> Network & Internet >> Change adapter options

Right click the adapter you are using and go to "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)"

Note down that ip and add that ip for your site in etc hosts of Ubuntu machine. You can following the following blog for that https://codeasp.net/blogs/ubuntu/8247/how-to-modify-etc-hosts-in-ubuntu

For the above example the row should be yoursite.com

After making the above change you should be able to access your site hosted in IIS on host machine from with in Ubuntu machine.


If you can't assign a static ip to your adapter you can run the ipconfig command and get the WLAN IP:

Copy that IP to use it in etc hosts of VM Ware machine.

On Ubuntu run this

sudo -i gedit /etc/hosts

add the record for that ip for your site to make that site accessible from with in the VM machine.


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